Team Mitochondria


United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

Team Mitochondria is raising money for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Click here to make a donation online.


Mark Tarnopolsky, 46

  • Occupation: MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at McMaster University
  • Attackpoint Alias: n/a
  • Athletics: Elite winter triathlete, Ski-Orienteering World Championships, 3-Time Ontario Trail Running Series Champion, Elite Duathlete, Elite Adventure Racer
  • Other: Father of Three Girls, Clinician and Researcher in Neuromuscular Diseases

Robyn Allen, 32

  • Occupation: Physiotherapist
  • Attackpoint Alias: Bird
  • Athletics: Elite Adventure Racer, Expert Trail Runner, Mountain Biker
  • Other: Mother of Two Boys

Patrick Goeres, 24

  • Occupation: Student, Athlete
  • Attackpoint Alias: Mr.Pither
  • Athletics: Elite Orienteerer, Elite Nordic Skier, Elite Trail Runner
  • Other: North American, Canadian, US Orienteering Champion

Allan Magi, 45

  • Occupation: Civil Engineer/Executive
  • Attackpoint Alias: Rolling Estonian
  • Athletics: Elite Nordic Skier, Elite Trail Runner
  • Other: MBA, P.Eng, Married Father of Two

Bob McGrath, 37

  • Occupation: Sales Rep
  • Attackpoint Alias: n/a
  • Athletics: Ultrarunner, Adventure Racer, Climber
  • Other: Candian Death Race, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Podium Finishes OUS 50km Ultra Series

David Rowlands, 36

  • Occupation: Professor of Sport Science and Nutrition
  • Attackpoint Alias: n/a
  • Athletics: Professional Duathlete, Elite Road and Mountain Biking, Mountain Running
  • Other: Duathlon World Championships

Martin Rydlo, 37

  • Occupation: Director of Marketing, Campbell Soup
  • Attackpoint Alias: AdventureMarty
  • Athletics: Elite Triathlete, Elite Runner, Elite Adventure Racer
  • Other: Father of One

Paul Trebilcock, 43

  • Occupation: Carpenter
  • Attackpoint Alias: Turbo
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra Runner, Expert Orienteerer, Elite Rock Climber
  • Other: Father of Two Girls, 2005 50 km Canadian Champion, 2006 50 mile Canadian Champion, 2006 OUSER Series 50 km Cup, Search for Steve Fossett

Mike Waddington, 41

  • Occupation: Professor, Environmental Science McMaster University
  • Attackpoint Alias: Hammer
  • Athletics: Elite Orienteerer, Elite Trail Runner, Elite Adventure Racer, Nordic Skier
  • Other: Father of One, Three Time North American Orienteering Champion, Six Time Canadian Orienteering Champion, World Orienteering Championships

Joany Verschuuren

  • Occupation: Reimbursement Access Manager
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra-Runner, Cycling
  • Other: Competitor in Many International Running Stage Races


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