Team Muscles

Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Team Muscles is raising money for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Click here to make a donation online.

Simon Donato, 32

  • Occupation: Geologist
  • Attackpoint Alias: Zoolander
  • Athletics: Elite Adventure Racer, Expert Cyclist, Expert Runner
  • Other: PhD, Explorers Club, Eco Challenge, Search for Steve Fossett

Derek Caveney, 32

  • Occupation: Engineer
  • Attackpoint Alias: d-money
  • Athletics: Elite Runner, Elite Adventure Racer, Expert Cyclist
  • Other: PhD, Primal Quest, Search for Steve Fossett

Scott Ford, 34

  • Occupation: Development Manager, Bullfrog Power
  • Attackpoint Alias: Hansel
  • Athletics: Elite Adventure Racer, Elite Paddler, Elite Runner, Mountain Biker
  • Other: New Father, Eco-Challenge 2000 – 2002, Primal Quest 2005, 2006, 2008

Hans Fransson, 37

  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Attackpoint Alias: Sudden
  • Athletics: Elite Orienteerer and Ski-Orienteerer, Elite Runner, Elite Nordic Skier
  • Other: Father of Two, World Orienteering Championships 2007

Gary Hudson, 28

  • Occupation: RMT
  • Attackpoint Alias: Rock
  • Athletics: Elite Cyclist, Elite Runner, Elite Duathlete
  • Other: Canadian Duathlon Team, Ontario Mountain Bike Team, World 24-Hours of Adrenaline, Search for Steve Fossett

Jeff MacInnis, 45

  • Occupation: Business Race Coach
  • Attackpoint Alias: n/a
  • Athletics: Elite Cyclist, Elite Adventure Racer
  • Other: Father of Three Boys, Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Eco Challenge, Northwest Passage, Overland Challenge

Kate MacNamara, 27

  • Occupation: Registered Nurse, Pediatrics at McMaster Children's Hospital
  • Attackpoint Alias: KatieMac
  • Athletics: Elite Road Runner, Elite Hockey Player
  • Other: Two Time Winner of Around the Bay Road Race, Second Place Finisher in Both Toronto and Niagara International Marathons, Boston Marathon Elite Female Competitor

Wes Roberts, 33

  • Occupation: eHealth Privacy Analyst
  • Attackpoint Alias: Superwes1000
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra-Runner, Marathoner
  • Other: Father of Two

Jack Van Dorp, 25

  • Occupation: Urban Planner
  • Attackpoint Alias: frankenjack
  • Athletics: Elite Nordic Skier, Marathon Kayaker, Elite Runner, Triathlete, Duathlete
  • Other: Two Time World Jr Quadrathlon Champion, Team Ontario Nordic Skiing 2001-2004, cycled across Canada

Charlotte Vasarhelyi, 33

  • Occupation: Engineering Specialist
  • Attackpoint Alias: n/a
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra-Runner
  • Other: MSc., Environmental Researcher, Team Canada 24 Hour Ultra Running 2006-2009, McNaughton Park Trail 150 Mile Women's Course Record Holder, Funeral Run 50 Miler Women's Course Record Holder, HURT 100 Miler 2nd Female (2008), Podium finishes at 100 Milers 2005-2008


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