Adventure Science Support Crew

Alissa Aboud

  • Occupation: Research Scientist and Exercise Testing Technician
  • Role: Researcher and Team Support
  • Athletics: Running, Yoga, Functional Fitness Training
  • Experience: Search for Steve Fossett Researcher, Mitochondrial and Muscular Disease Research
  • Other: Reykjavik Marathon, Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, Around the Bay

Robyn Chew

  • Occupation: Photographer
  • Athletics: Dancing, Yoga, Running
  • Experience: Dance instructor

Allyson Donato

  • Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Role: Team Support
  • Athletics: Cycling, Yoga, Biathlon

Tracy McLaughlin

  • Occupation: RMT, Certified Sports Massage Therapist
  • Role: Team Support
  • Athletics: National 5000 m Runner
  • Experience: Offical Service Provider Canadian Sport Centre Toronto, Team Therapist National Cycling and Mountain Bike Teams, Medical Team Summer Olympics Athens and Rogers Cup Pro Women's Tennis Tournament

Erin Pearce

  • Occupation: Research Scientist and Neuromuscular Testing Technician
  • Role: Researcher and Team Support
  • Athletics: Running, Yoga, upcoming Chicago Half and Scotiabank Marathon
  • Experience: Steve Fossett Scientific Team Member, Mitochondrial and Muscle Disease Research
  • Other: Upcoming races include Chicago Half and Scotiabank Marathon

Stacie Smith

  • Occupation: Green-Marketing Guru
  • Role: Public Relations, Media Relations and Team Support
  • Athletics: Dog Walking, Sun Tanning, Driving the Boat for Water Skiers, Shopping
  • Other: Mother of One

Mark Tamminga, 50

  • Occupation: Lawyer
  • Attackpoint Alias: Travelinga
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra-Runner, Orienteerer
  • Other: Marathon des Sables, Winner Atacama Crossing, Coastal Challenge Costa Rica, Winner Gobi March, Raid des Trolls, Sahara Race


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