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European Journal of Applied Physiology article

Journal article published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology
Oxidative stress, inflammation, and muscle soreness in an 894-km relay trail run
David S. Rowlands • E. Pearce • A. Aboud • J. B. Gillen • M. J. Gibala • S. Donato • J. M. Waddington • J. G. Green • M. A. Tarnopolsky

Mountain Life – Spring 2010

Article on the Bruce Trail run in Mountain Life Magazine. View the article online starting on page 56 thru to page 61.

Mountain Life Spring 2010 (cover) Bruce Trail Article

Blaze photobook on Blurb

June 16 – 20th, 2009

Get Out There Magazine

New article in the Sept/Oct East edition issue of Get Out There Magazine ( view PDF or visit site)

Explore Magazine

New article on Blaze in the Sept/Oct issue of Explore Magazine — ( view PDF )


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