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Celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, The Canadian Death Race is widely regarded as the toughest ultramarathon (any running race longer than the traditional 42.2 km marathon) in Canada. Located in the small rocky mountain town of Grande Cache Alberta, this race course covers requires athletes to cover 125 km and summit 3 mountains (total elevation gain of 17,000 feet) in under 24 hours. Despite this daunting challenge, 1500 racers (solo and teams) annually compete to test their abilities on this unrelenting and unpredictable race course.

This year, Adventure Science has teamed up with 15 highly trained endurance athletes and ultra runners to test themselves by racing solo on the race course. The athletes will also be participating in a study to analyze running biomechanics and the role of core strength in the maintenance of running gait.

The race organizers note on their website this race is not about the prizes, it's about the glory : “There are no big prizes for winning: finishing is hard enough. And the bragging rights are priceless.” Right now the glory is held by Jack Cook (Edmonton Canada) and Lisa Polizzi (Brisbane Australia) who both set the male and female course records in 2006 at 13:48:24 and 14:20:27. Will these records survive 2010?


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