Athletic Team

Simon Donato, 33

  • Occupation: Geologist
  • Attackpoint Alias: Zoolander
  • Athletics: Elite Adventure Racer, Expert Cyclist, Expert Runner
  • Other: PhD, Explorers Club, Eco Challenge, Search for Steve Fossett, Search for N2700Q, BLAZE: The Niagara Escarpment Race

Phil Villeneuve, 36

  • Occupation: Salomon Nordic Specialist
  • Attackpoint Alias: CheeseSteak
  • Athletics: Elite Nordic Skier, Trail/Mountain Runner
  • Other: National XC Team member 1995-98, 4-time World Mtn Running Team Member, Rock and Ice Ultra, 3-time TransRockies Run Finisher
  • Blog:

Gary Robbins, 33

  • Occupation: Running Store
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra runner, Elite adventure racer, Mountain Biker
  • Other: Holder of the following course records: HURT Hawaii 100 miler, Diez Vista 50k, Dirty Duo 50k, N.S. 6hr Enduro, Stormy 100 miler, First and only person to run WCT+JDFT 130km
  • Blog:

Scott Ford, 34

  • Occupation: Development Manager, Bullfrog Power
  • Attackpoint Alias: Hansel
  • Athletics: Elite Adventure Racer, Elite Paddler, Elite Runner, Mountain Biker
  • Other: New Father, Eco-Challenge 2000 – 2002, Primal Quest 2005, 2006, 2008, BLAZE: The Niagara Escarpment Race

Bill Logie, 41

  • Occupation: Stock Trader
  • Athletics: Multi-sport, Expert Mountain Biker, Expert Trail Runner
  • Other: Ironman 2010, World Xterra Championships 2009, Saab-Salomon Mountain X-Race 2008, Craigleith 10 km Snowshoe race record holder

Paul Trebilcock, 43

  • Occupation: Carpenter
  • Attackpoint Alias: Turbo
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra Runner, Expert Orienteerer, Elite Rock Climber
  • Other: Father of Two Girls, 2005 50 km Canadian Champion, 2006 50 mile Canadian Champion, 2006 OUSER Series 50 km Cup, Search for Steve Fossett, Blaze, N2700Q

Tim Puetz, 31

  • Occupation: Exercise Psychologist
  • Athletics: Ultra-Runner, Marathoner, Rock/Ice Climber
  • Other: PhD, Wilderness EMT, Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon

Christiaan Pillar, 35

  • Occupation: Geospatial Engineer
  • Attackpoint Alias: Bender
  • Athletics: Elite 24-hr Orienteerer, Elite Adventure Racer, Elite Runner, Road Cyclist
  • Other: MSc., Graphic designer for Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic map publications

Sean Roper, 35

  • Occupation: Event Planner
  • Attackpoint Alias: STORM
  • Athletics: Adventure Racer, Ultra- Runner
  • Other: Race Director of the Storm Multi-Sport Adventure Series

Jim Mandelli, 49

  • Occupation: Structural Engineer
  • Athletics: Elite Adventure Racer, Expert Mountain Runner, Mountaineer
  • Other: Eco Challenge, Raid Gauloises, Marathon Des Sables, Costa Rica Coastal Challenge, Arctic Challenge, Search for Steve Fossett, N2700Q, Lions Bay Search & Rescue

Denise Rispolie, 38

  • Occupation: Commercial Real Estate
  • Attackpoint Alias: Dee
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra Runner, Elite Adventure Racer
  • Other: Leadville 100, UTMB 100 Mile, Canadian Death Race

Audrey Kelly, 38

  • Occupation: Registered Massage Therapist
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra Runner, Elite Adventure Racer
  • Other: UTMB 100 Miler, Canadian Death Race, Hellgate 100

Shannon McKinnon, 38

  • Occupation: Marketing
  • Athletics: Marathoner, Expert Trail Runner, Multi-sport
  • Other: First ultra - wish me luck.

Nicki Rehn, 35

  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Attackpoint Alias: nicki
  • Athletics: 2-time Canadian National Team triathlete, adventure racer, 2008 City Chase World Championship, ran 963 km Bibbulmun Track solo & unsupported in 20 days, Mt Cameroon Course d'Esprit, well-rounded lover of pain and suffering.
  • Other: Australian implant to Canada

Ellie Greenwood, 31

  • Occupation: Operations Manager, Inghams Travel
  • Athletics: Competitive Ultra Trail runner, Marathon Runner
  • Other: 2008 Canadian Female Ultra Runner of the Year, Female CR holder: Kneeknacker 30 miler, Elk Beaver 100km, Stormy 50 miler, Frozen Ass 50km, Run for the Toad 50km, Calgary Marathon
  • Blog:


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