Adventure Science Support Crew

Allyson Donato

  • Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Role: Team Support
  • Athletics: Cycling, Yoga, Biathlon

Keith Szlater, 56

  • Occupation: Technical Service
  • Role: Base Camp and Logistics Coordinator
  • Experience: Search & Rescue Team Leader, Communications, Base Setup and Logistics, Search for Steve Fossett

Robert Wambold, 34

  • Occupation: Computer Systems Administrator
  • Role: Base Camp, Logistics and communications
  • Experience: Search & Rescue Search Manager, Communications, Base Setup and Logistics

Tyler LeBlanc, 26

  • Occupation: Paramedic
  • Role: Search Paramedic
  • Experience: Advanced Care Life Support; International Trauma Life Support; Air Medivac, Search for Steve Fossett
  • Other: Sponsored by Professional Medical Associates (PMA)

Jason Cagampan

  • Occupation: Remediation and Reclamation Scientist
  • Role: Team Support
  • Experience: Amateur Moustachlete, Professional Walkathlete
  • Other: MSc, chillaxologist, sarcastoligist and motivational team yeller.

Amy Barnett, 29

  • Occupation: Gait Analysis Specialist, Motion Analysis Training Development (Medical Motion)
  • Role: Team Support
  • Experience: Track and field and road racing coach, Clinical Running Gait Analysis, developer of running gait analysis training programs for numerous US military bases
  • Other: Degree in Biomechanics, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Registered Kinesiologist


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