The Method

Dr. Donato will lead his small crew in a high intensity 8-day long ground search for Steve Fossett’s crash site. They will test Donato’s hypothesis that the wreckage is in their search area. They will be pushing their physical and mental limits as they cover hundred’s of kilometers during the search and aim to set a new standard in search and rescue. The team possesses the mental toughness and physical fitness to conduct large-scale ground searches quickly, which is what sets this team apart from ordinary folks. They will pack lightly, move quickly, and suffer extremes. They will explore the unexplored.

Although the team will use all-terrain vehicles when possible, the majority of the search will be conducted on foot in order to allow the team to explore difficult areas where vehicles and previous searchers were unable to reach. Conducting the search this way will allow them to reach the areas shrouded by tree cover, shaded by towering cliffs and canyons that prevented satellites and aircraft from successfully surveying.


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