Athletic Team

Simon Donato, 31

  • Occupation: Geologist
  • Athletics: Eco Challenge, Elite Adventure Racer, Expert Cyclist
  • Other: PhD, Explorers Club

Derek Caveney, 31

  • Occupation: Engineer
  • Athletics: Primal Quest, Elite Runner, Expert Mountain Bike Racer
  • Other: PhD

Greg Francek, 41

  • Occupation: Deputy Sheriff
  • Role: Base Camp and Logistics
  • Experience: Eco-Challenge Staff 1997-2000, Primal Quest Race Director, Expert Mountaineer, Expert Caver, Search & Rescue Member

Gary Hudson, 27

  • Occupation: RMT
  • Athletics: Canadian Duathlon Team, Ontario Mountain Bike Team, World 24 Hours of Adrenaline, Elite Cyclist, Elite Runner

Tyler LeBlanc, 24

  • Occupation: Paramedic
  • Role: Search Paramedic
  • Experience: Advanced Care Life Support; International Trauma Life Support; Air Medivac
  • Other: Sponsored by Professional Medical Associates (PMA)

Jeff MacInnis, 44

  • Occupation: Professional Speaker
  • Athletics: Eco Challenge 2000-2002, Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Elite Cyclist
  • Other: Northwest Passage

Jim Mandelli, 47

  • Occupation: Professional Structural Engineer
  • Athletics: Eco-Challenge, Primal Quest, Elite Adventure Racer, Elite Ultra Runner, Expert Mountaineer
  • Other: Lions Bay, BC Canada Search & Rescue Member

Greg Marshall, 30

  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Athletics: Expert Mountain Bike Racer, Elite Rock Climber

Lindsay Robles, 30

  • Occupation: Environmental Economist, Documentary Producer
  • Role: Logistics/Production
  • Experience: Directed and Produced Independent Documentaries on Immigration, Globalization, and Climate Change.
  • Other: Masters in Economics

Paul Trebilcock, 42

  • Occupation: Carpenter
  • Athletics: Elite Ultrarunner, Expert Orienteerer, Elite Rock Climber

Ray Zahab, 38

  • Occupation: Athlete and Professional Speaker
  • Role: Athlete/Advisor
  • Athletics: Elite Ultra Runner, Marathon des Sables, Gobi March
  • Other: Running the Sahara, Canada OneXOne, Impossible2Possible

Keith Szlater, 54

  • Occupation: Technical Service
  • Role: Base Camp and Logistics Coordinator
  • Experience: Search & Rescue Team Leader, Communications, Base Setup and Logistics


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