Production Team

Simon Donato - Team Leader

  • Occupation: Geologist
  • Athletics: Eco Challenge, Elite Adventure Racer, Expert Cyclist
  • Other: PhD, Explorers Club

Simon holds a PhD in Geology from McMaster University, and is also a successful athlete and explorer. He is driven by curiosity and the passion to understand the natural world. Simon founded the Canadian Adventure Racing Association and was instrumental in developing national safety guidelines and an environmental charter for the sport in Canada. His motivation to find Steve Fossett comes from his desire to solve this intriguing mystery and provide closure for Steve Fossett’s friends and family. As any adventurer will tell you, all adventures have a beginning and an end. Dr. Donato and his team want to give Steve Fossett’s final adventure an ending.

Victoria Ha

  • Occupation: Documentary Producer
  • Experience: Specialty in producing and coordinating high-quality film and television productions that contain compelling human-interest stories.

Most of these projects are filmed internationally, and all are produced with a stellar core team that delivers results on time and on budget! Some of the companies that she's worked for were: ABC/Disney, The Discovery Channel, CanWest/Global, Rhombus Media, and Xenophile Media. With an editing and production management background, Victoria recently moved into creative producing under the guidance of many well established and award winning producers, directors, and mentors. Victoria's experiences have allowed her to find her true passion, which is to make documentaries that combine adventure, travel, and mystery. Her goal is to create content that invokes curiosity, provides information, and document personal triumphs.

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