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Go Death Racer!

The Go Death Racer Documentary is available for download!

For most people, running a marathon represents a bucket-list, once-in-a-lifetime achievement. For a growing number of hardy, masochistic souls however, marathons are only a warm-up for the real test of human endurance, the ultra-marathon. 'Go Death Racer' follows four Canadian endurance athletes as they prepare for, and race Canada's most famous and challenging ultra, the Canadian Death Race. Narrated by Les Stroud, viewers will follow Turbo, Scott, Nicki, and Simon in a fast paced documentary where in the world of ultra-marathoning, finishing is winning, and everything else is a bonus.

Go Death Racer has been named a finalist at the 2012 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

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  • Go Death Racer (2012) - Documentary
  • Runtime 24 min
  • 720p Quicktime .mov (892.4 MB)
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Nicki - the philosopher Turbo - the purist Scott - the family man Simon - the scientist