Make sure to check the The Search for Lt. Steeves' Missing Jet blog for full account of the search.

Simon Donato, 37

Richard Rothaus, 49

  • Occupation: Archaeologist, Historian, and Owner of Trefoil Cultural and Environmental
  • Focus: Basecamp and logistics
  • Other: Expeditions to Greece, Turkey, India and Oman to study historic earthquakes and tsunamis. Remote fieldwork in North America, Central America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Adventure Science: Beyond Roads: The Musandam Oman Expedition, Caves of Montana, 100 Miles of Wild

Tim Puetz, 35

  • Occupation: Biomedical Research, National Institutes of Health
  • Athletics: Ultra-Runner, Marathoner, Rock/Ice Climber
  • Other: Army Ranger, Long Range Reconnaissance and Surveillance Training, Wilderness EMT, Canadian Death Race; Grand Canyon: Rim to Rim to Rim
  • Adventure Science: Canadian Death Race, 100 Miles of Wild

Keith Szlater, 60

Melissa Rae Stewart, 35

Tyler LeBlanc, 27

Jane Davis, 40

  • Occupation: Community Health Educator
  • Role: Athlete
  • Athletics: Ultra-Marathoner
  • Other: Coach for Girls on the run, Team Winter Athlete, international volunteer educator for girls education and health and mom to Jayna age 6.
  • Adventure Science: 100 Miles of Wild

Winter Vinecki, 15

  • Occupation:Founder of Team Winter, Student at Stanford University Online High School, Full Time Athlete with Fly Elite- Olympic Development Team Aerial Skiing
  • Athletics: Marathoner, National Triathlon Champion, 2018 Winter Olympic Hopeful Aerial Skiing, Elite Obstacle Course Racer
  • Other: Motivational Speaker, Blog Writer for Newton Running & Athleta, World Record Holder, “Youngest person to run a marathon on every continent” & “Youngest person to run 26.2 miles on Antarctica”, 2013 Female Winner of the “Toughest marathon in the World- The Inca Trail Marathon”, 2013 Spartan World Champion 19 & under, 2014 Jr. National Champion Aerials and 5th Place 2014 Jr. World Freestyle Championships.

Wanda Summers, 39

  • Occupation: Personal Trainer/Surf Shop Manager
  • Role: Athlete
  • Athletics: Ultra runner/Endurance runner, Multi-stage desert racer
  • Other: Paraglider pilot, Mine Explorers club/British Caving Association, London 2012 Olympics Personal Trainer.

Hélène Dumais, 33

  • Occupation: Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Massage Therapist
  • Role: Athlete
  • Athletics: Elite Obstacle Course Racer and Trail Runner
  • Other: Author, Polar Hero Race Ambassador, GR10 Pyrenees and GR20 Corsica treks.

Liz Barney, 26

  • Occupation: Photographer & Teacher
  • Role: Photographer
  • Athletics: Rock climber, Hiker, and Surfer
  • Other: Hawaii-based photographer, published writer, and former activities coordinator for a drug prevention initiative in Costa Rica to build self efficacy in youth through outdoor education.
Eady Bros. Productions, Joshua Eady

Joshua Eady

  • Occupation: Producer / Director
  • Role: Film Crew
  • Experience: Director and Executive Producer of Boundless TV and Departures
  • Adventure Science: Go Death Racer
Eady Bros. Productions, Jordan Eady

Jordan Eady

  • Occupation: Director of Photography
  • Role: Film Crew
  • Experience: Director of Photography and Executive Producer of Boundless TV and Departures
  • Adventure Science: Go Death Racer


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