Beyond Roads: The Musandam Oman Expedition

Isolated. Rugged. Desolate and beautiful, Oman is a desert nation containing vast sand seas, rugged coastlines teeming with aquatic life, and a wild and unexplored mountainous hinterland. It is also a country with a rich cultural rooted in antiquity.

Beyond Roads is an expedition of discovery. Three Adventure Science members will travel to the remote Musandam peninsula at the northern tip of Oman in order to study tsunami deposits and undiscovered archaeological sites. The team will be dropped by fishing boat at the northern most tip of the peninsula and will have 10 days to hike over 50 kilometers through rugged mountains to return to civilization in the town of Khasab.

Drinking water will be non-existant and the team will rely on water drops spaced 3 days apart. Their only food and supplies will be limited to what they can carry on their backs. The team will study and explore the vast terrain, employing their skill and speed as adventure athletes to survey large areas daily. In our modern era of high-tech exploration and discovery, we tend to overlook the value of putting people on the ground to see the landscape with their own eyes. This is especially important in physically demanding environments like this, where fitness, experience, and toughness will allow our team to accomplish what others have deemed impossible.

Beyond Roads facts:

  • Temperature: low 10°C, high 30°C
  • Risk Factors: dehydration, 1st aid emergencies, scorpions, camel spiders
  • Water Ration: 3 L per day/person
  • Food: fish (to be caught), freeze-dried meals, energy bars
  • Terrain: rocky beaches, steep mountains
  • Elevation: Sea level to over 500 m
  • Pack Weight: ~ 14 kg
  • Gear: shovels, notebooks, cameras, climbing ropes and equipment
  • Route: coastline
  • Towns Along Route: none
  • Roads: none


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