Simon Donato, 37

Tim Puetz, 35

  • Occupation: Biomedical Research, National Institutes of Health
  • Athletics: Ultra-Runner, Marathoner, Rock/Ice Climber
  • Other: Army Ranger, Long Range Reconnaissance and Surveillance Training, Wilderness EMT, Canadian Death Race; Grand Canyon: Rim to Rim to Rim
  • Adventure Science: Canadian Death Race, 100 Miles of Wild, Search for Lt Steeves con't

Jim Mandelli, 51

  • Occupation: Professional Structural Engineer
  • Athletics: Eco-Challenge, Primal Quest, Elite Adventure Racer, Elite Ultra Runner, Expert Mountaineer
  • Other: Lions Bay, BC Canada Search & Rescue Member

Hélène Dumais, 33

  • Occupation: Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Massage Therapist
  • Role: Athlete
  • Athletics: Elite Obstacle Course Racer and Trail Runner
  • Other: Author, Polar Hero Race Ambassador, GR10 Pyrenees and GR20 Corsica treks.

Keith Szlater, 60

Matthew Innis

  • Occupation: Project Manager, Engineer
  • Athletics: Runner, Cyclist, Rock/Ice Climber, Mountaineer
  • Adventure Science: First project
  • Other: Artist, Maker, Furness Creek 508


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