The Ghosts of Tobermory: an amphibious exploration of Fathom Five Marine Park

Synopsis: The town of Tobermory, located on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, is steeped in history - both human and natural. Long home to first nations inhabitants, it is situated on a dramatically sculpted landscape formed through the erosion of the 400+ million year old carbonate rock (limestone and dolostone primarily) which forms the 900+ km long Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO biosphere reserve). It also has an important place in maritime history, both as a shipping hub, a provider of mast-quality Eastern White pines from it’s dense forests, and home to over 25 known shipwrecks - most within reach of experienced snorkelers and divers. Today, tourism is booming in the area, having grown by over 200% in the past five years. This incredible growth is beneficial to the region and park on a number of levels, but it also brings with it certain challenges as increased visits to the most popular sites is putting some of them under increased pressure.

This project will see the Adventure Science team embark on an exploratory journey of the region, visiting, by stand-up paddle board and on foot, some of its lesser known sites - both above, and below the surface of Georgian Bay. On water, the team will explore a number of wreck sites near Russell and Cove Islands, by free diving after accessing them on their stand up paddle boards, capturing photos and videos of the wrecks. On land, the team will explore seldom visited areas to capture the beauty of the region through hiking, coasteering, and trail running.

The goal of the project is to put the beauty of the region on display, document the current state of preservation of the sites visited by the team, and to emphasize the interplay between fitness, science, and exploration. Combining scientific understanding of the processes which shaped the region - both historically and geologically, with human powered exploration an empowering way to explore the planet.



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